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My First Car-buying Experience

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If you are considering to purchase your first car or perhaps pondering over the car-buying-process for AUTOFORTRADE.COM; we invite you to discover one of our customer’s experience with the platform, and hopefully motivate you to opt for online auto shopping in finding your dream car without breaking the bank.

Hi, I’m 24, and I recently got my first car a year ago on my 23rd birthday. Here I am sharing my experience with you about my journey so far as I began my hunt for the best car I can get under my budget.

I was seventeen when I got my driving license, but it was useless since I didn’t have my own car to drive around and have fun. So, I decided to have one but was unable to get it right away as I was broke. I started gigs, tried saving my pocket money, and when I became a college sophomore, I finally had enough money for an average car. My parents added more to my budget, so I began my hunt right away in hopes of buying my very own car. However, as a newbie, I was completely clueless and was worried sick about the process, conditions, requirements, what car would be the best according to my daily needs, the proper budget for it, and how much I could push it. I was bewildered with a ton of queries inside my head. I devoured website after website, contacted each one of them but none seemed reliable and trustworthy enough.

Once, I was browsing through the internet when I came across this website ‘www.autofortrade’. I skimmed through the website, and somehow, I felt connected from the word-go as all their services and features were exactly what I wanted. It was like having everything all at once and that too from a single place. However, I was also worried for their credibility until I reached out to a friend, and he assured me that they’re not a scam based on his personal experience. I did my research and decided to go for them because of the following reasons;

  • I will get 25% off on my first purchase with them.
  • They will provide me with free consultation, so all my queries are taken care of.
  • I can get expert guidance from their vehicle purchasing specialists to get the best car under my budget.
  • My car will be delivered all safe and sound to me as they promise a secure, smooth, and not to mention, fast shipment. Additionally, they allow you to track your vehicle too so you can be stress-free throughout its shipment. 
  • They promised an easy documentation process which was my most sought-after condition, and I was really concerned about it. Their staff will instruct and educate me about all the legal requirements beforehand.
  • Also, I get to compare different cars with their exclusive comparison feature, which helped me a lot whenever I got confused.

I signed up on their website to avail my first purchase deal. After contacting them, I was connected to a dedicated account manager who handled all my affairs while guiding me throughout the procedure. After the whole learning procedure and countless of consultations, I decided to buy a Honda Fit of the model year 2011. Luckily, I got this gem for around $7000.

Although Honda Fit is a small hatchback, but 5 people can sit comfortably in it. So, my friends’ night out and family hangouts are all booked for good. This model also has innovative options to fit your cargo while keeping the room spacious and comfortable for your family and friends. It’s a four-wheel drive with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that gives 117 horsepower. Although it’s a 2011 model, but it has all the basic tech features with quality interior and good performance. Also, it won various awards in 2011 for the best hatchback/subcompact car for families based on its price. So, Honda Fit it is!

Now that it’s been a year since I have been driving my Honda Fit, I have to say so far, so good. I haven’t faced any hidden malfunctions yet; the car’s running smoothly and almost feels like brand-new. I’m following all the necessary maintenance procedures as per the instructions written in the owner’s manual.

I am all happy and satisfied once I made my payment and now that I am driving my car. Why am I satisfied? I will be honest; it’s because they turned out to be reliable and trustworthy. Most people back off from online, auto shopping due to fake representations of vehicles but to my surprise, the representatives of Auto for Trade were really supportive and helpful. Once they were sure of my genuine interest in the car, they sent me videos and pictures until I was satisfied in every way regarding its condition. It was perfect! What I really liked about them was their credible efforts for user satisfaction. They made sure my head was all clear from queries and educated me in all aspects, including the order process, shipment, documentation, legal requirements, payment needs before or after the arrival of my car, and every other single thing. To keep it short, they fulfilled all their promises.

How was your automobile experience as a newbie?

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