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AUTOFORTRADE.COM (this Website) is owned and operated by ‘Auto for Trade Limited’ and by using and/or visiting this Website, you agree to and accept (1) these terms and conditions (the "Terms of Use"), and (2) the Privacy Policy. We encourage you to review both these statements before proceeding to using this Website and/or our Service. In the case, you do not agree to any of the terms or policies listed, we recommend you immediately terminate the use of this Website.
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The terms and conditions enlisted within this statement govern all policies and transactions between you and this Website. The only exception stands as a separate written contract between you and AUTOFORTRADE.COM and governs the respective transactions
In order to avail/use one or more of the Services featured/enlisted on this Website, registration and account creation is necessary. In order to register, you are required to provide complete, current and accurate information and create the account using a few simple steps. Please note this registration is free and any information shared if incorrect may result in the irrevocable termination of the account.
All the cars featured/enlisted on this Website are coupled with United States Dollar. Any other currency or exchange rates may be requested from our Sales Desk with terms and conditions in-place.
AUTOFORTRADE.COM upholds a simple 7-day cycle and offers flexible payment methods. The Service also offers a part-payment system that requires the total transaction to be completed within Seven (07) Business Days of the Car being shipped. Any additional cost like bank charges are not part of the quoted/invoiced price.
Once the total or part-payment is clear your Car is booked with a Carrier with its own set of terms and conditions. You are requested to review the Carrier and the risks involved with the process. It is important to note and acknowledge that AUTOFORTRADE.COM shall not be liable for any kind of delay, misinformation and/or performance issue by the Carrier. You are also requested to comply with applicable import law of the port and country involved as AUTOFORTRADE.COM shall not be liable for any kind of non-compliance or denied entry. We recommend you to check your vehicle carefully and refill the engine oil, radiator coolant etc. upon receiving the Car.
All the necessary documentation is couriered to your once the complete payment has been made, it is advised to check the document carefully as AUTOFORTRADE.COM shall not be liable for any claim, loss or damage that may result from delayed, erroneous, lost, non-ssued, amended, non-amended or retrained documents.
In the event, a complete payment is not made within Seven (07) Business Days, you might be at the risk of losing the selected Car. The possibility of forfeiting any part-payment is also at-hand and AUTOFORTRADE.COM shall be entitled to repossess the vehicle and advertise it for sale in the near future. Please note once the Car is tendered to the Carrier the Order/Vehicle is marked noncancelable.
AUTOFORTRADE.COM ensures this Website is kept updated at all times and is enriched with information designed to guide you along the designed process. AUTOFORTRADE.COM shall not be liable for any inadequate decisions or losses that may surface based on the information provided on this Website.
By using this Website and our Service, you acknowledge that AUTOFORTRADE.COM is not responsible for any Third-party provider including banks, carriers etc. and shall not be liable for any losses that may surface from any actions of these Third-party providers.
AUTOFORTRADE.COM is committed to providing adequate information against all the Cars featured/enlisted on the Website and shall not be liable for any disclosed and/or undisclosed car defects.
AUTOFORTRADE.COM shall not be liable to you for any action it takes in responding to an Emergency State of Carrier Delay or Lost Documents. AUTOFORTRADE.COM is committed to providing fair prices and authentic invoicing, beyond which no liability for the obligations of the Website and the Service hold true except to the extent required by this Statement.
You shall indemnify and hold harmless AUTOFORTRADE.COM from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities or damages and/or the loss, liability or damage experienced by you, caused by or is otherwise directly related to the Services offered.
As a company, a Website and a Service provider, we’ve taken special measures to ensure fair dealings and prevent all forms of anti-social transactions. We are not part of any organized crime or criminal organizations.
AUTOFORTRADE.COM may revise and update these Terms of Use from time to time at our discretion. Once published online they supersede any past statements and your continued use of this Website and our Service indicates your acceptance to these changes. You are advised and encouraged to check this page frequently for changes as they are binding on you.