Exporting car is our business since 1997.

Exporting car is our business since 1997.



A4T is a luxury, standard and heavy vehicle exporter of premium cars from recognized manufacturers around the world. Based out of the United Kingdom, A4T offers a comprehensive experience to all and we invite you to discover how we continue to outshine our competitors.

AUTOFORTRADE.COM is renowned around the globe for providing a broad collection of valuable used cars smoothly and securely. We have created an exceptional network to deliver the best to our customers. Our excellent staff works around the clock to provide you experienced assistance throughout your journey with us.
AUTOFORTRADE.COM is proud to harbor the career of 200+ employees. We provide a friendly and challenging environment for our passionate heads. Our goal-oriented team is trained to deliver our customers with utmost quality at all times. They are trained to confront challenges phenomenally while providing productive solutions at any given situation.
We are humbled to grow day by day with our increasing network. With our headquarters situated in Leicestershire, UK, we aim to provide our productive services worldwide to our customers scattered around the globe. We are thrilled to see our customers benefiting from our vast network on an everyday basis.
AUTOFORTRADE.COM (A4T) believes in transparency across all channels and business practices. To ensure our visitors, customers and clients are well-aware of the protocols, rights and their responsibilities, we’ve laid down a simple and extensive Terms of Service for your in-depth review.
As part of our continued commitment to transparency and sustainability, we encourage our visitors, customers and clients to read through our CSR policy. We make unending efforts to design and implement solutions to nurture our business operations; sustain beliefs, assumptions, values and behaviors of our resources, partners; and create a thriving environment for everyone who contributes to our growth and success.
To maintain discretion with the information shared online and protect our visitors, customers and clients’ rights, we’ve prepared a detailed Privacy Policy for your consideration. We invite you to read through the statement and check back frequently to ensure updates are never missed. As a company, we make certain the statement is followed through. No exceptions.
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We encourage you (the visitor and/or the customer) to review our (Auto for Trade Limited) policy against ‘Anti-social Forces’ (ASF) produced to prevent any and all damages that may surface through violent, forceful and fraudulent-means.
Regulation is the single biggest challenge for any national and international trade and AUTOFORTRADE.COM, owned and operated by ‘Auto for Trade Limited’ is committed to ensuring complete compliance with all applicable laws and regulations that uphold the edifice of international peace and security. Please read through our Statement to know more.
If you are looking to take the next level in your career or perhaps create a strong foundation in the tech and/or automotive industry, we invite you to browse through our Working Environment Statement and our Opened Vacancies.