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  • In accordance with the policy, a vehicle is reserved maximum for a period of Three (03) Business Days and a minimum payment of 50% of the total amount must be made to ensure the reservation is locked. Any failure in clearing the required amount will result in automatic cancellation of the Order/Vehicle.
  • Once the complete payment is made, all the necessary documentation shall be couriered to you (the customer) and shipping procedure depending on departing and arrival port and country applicable laws is initiated.
  • Please note a scanned TT copy will be required after complete payment is made to avoid any unnecessary delay or hassles.
Shipping Terms
  • Please note if you (the customer) is purchasing the Vehicle at FOB, the said price will only comprise of the vehicle cost and the cost up at the point of loading the vehicle on the ship from the departing port
  • Any and all other expenses shall be paid over and above.
  • According to CIF the amount cleared by you (the customer) will cover the cost, insurance as well as the freight of the Order/Vehicle while the cargo is in transit
  • Please note this will be applicable for waterway, sea, or ocean Orders only.
  • If you are interested in purchasing insurance for the Order/Vehicle, please reach out to our team for guidance.
  • TT is recognized as an ideal payment method as it is not only fast and safe but also the most effective out of the rest.
  • Most banks support Telegraphic Transfer and our team will gladly help you out with further assistance.
  • Letter of Credit (LC) is a document that guarantees your (the customer) payment to a company/seller. It is issued by a bank and ensures timely and full payment to the company/seller involved.
  • Only a few selected countries offer an LC which we are happy to receive, we recommend checking with your bank for such a possibility.