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McLaren 720s vs P1- Is McLaren 720s Faster Than P1?

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McLaren is considered to be a high-end series that has come up with an interesting and unique model known as 720S.                 And the best way to define this car would be to present it as a light speed super car that has been made in a highly intricate manner. Upon experiencing the power and immense performance of this car, it put me in awe as to how powerful and complete this car is. The vehicle has been ridden with different kinds of speed levels.

The notion of this car being incredibly fast was later on proven on the race track where it broke all records. With a lap time of 1:15.5. To be able to refer to this even more, the series P1 was made to perform on the same track and it had a lap time of around 1:12.6. It was later on concluded that the had near identical performances.

In terms of mathematics, the super series also known as 720s has not only manager to enhance itself in form of P1 to a whole new level, making those subliminal margins quite astonishing. As quick as P1 might be, 720S still manages to surpass in its entirety.

McLaren has come up with the most profound series, not only are they capable of shifting the paradigms of super cars. Not only are they known to be easy to drive but they make it possible to achieve and experience astonishing achievements in form of this vehicle.

As McLaren gathers up its momentum and transcends into an entirely different idea of super cars, they bring ideas and concepts of the future into the reality. Redefining what we knew regarding super cars. The game has been changed so much that new perspectives are entering the market and that has allowed the creation of McLaren 720S to come into existence.

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Here is what we know about this car.


Exploring The Features Of McLaren 720S


This is a sensational car comes along with a folding hand. Another foldable version of this car holds a similar DNA pattern as this coupe, however, with some slight modifications such as its fiber tube as well as the roof structure of the vehicle.

The starting price of this car ranges around US$315,000. Making it a dream car for most, literally and metaphorically. However, those few lucky ones who manage to obtain this car are not any less than satisfied with their achievement. After all, it truly is one of its kind car. Here are its prominent features that grasp onto the attention of all car enthusiasts.

  • A 4.0 L twin- turbocharged V8 engine.
  • Power of 710 bh @7,500 rpm.
  • Torque of 568 lb-ft @6,500 rpm.
  • Top speed that goes up to 212 mph.

To explore and understand this car furthermore, letโ€™s delve into its functions and how they make this car special.


One of the main catches of 720S is that its engine has been evolved to function at a higher capacity. Around 41% of the engines features are new. The engine comprises of new twin-scroll turbochargers that not only have a low inertia titanium- aluminum turbines but they tend to spin at their best potential unlike other models or cars. This helps in actively controlling the waste gates as well.


The proactive chassis control of this car has an active suspension that has been evolve in other models as well, but this one is comparatively much lighter in weight than others. The new system accommodates accelerometers as well as pressure sensors, in order to form an active communication between the onboard driving conditions in real time. Which eventually leads to an optimum use of suspension settings.


The interior of this model has been designed to inspire those driving and witnessing the beauty of this car. The interior has been accessorized with a beautiful leather look along with carbon fiber seats. The main emphasis on this cars interior is to not only reflect the elegance and luxury of this car but to offer a comfortable ride. As per ranking that exhibits cars for export online, McLarenโ€™s 720S interior has been smartly devised with systems that are highly advanced. You can utilize its touch screen that has been intricately placed on the console, angled at a distance that makes it easier for all to manage controls. This allows the driver to easily shift between two different driving modes as per their requirements and wishes and they are, default and comfort driving mode.


When it comes to the efficiency of this car, the CO2 emissions are comparatively controlled than other vehicles. Along with an impeccable fuel economy of 26.4 mpg that makes the journey in this car highly memorable.

 Considering all these elements of the car; and the fact that this car is evidently faster than P1. McLaren 720S does beat other models in its functions as well. The performance it provides is truly immaculate and one that cannot be obtained from any other sort of vehicle. You can sit back and embrace onto the notion that this car surpasses all expectations and everything you can ever imagine a supercar would offer. This car is It.

How much does McLaren 720S cost?

McLaren 720S costs around $315,000 USD. Which makes it an expensive car for some and a luxury to be withheld and experienced for others. Considering the features it offers and the performance, it is safe to assume that the amount that is being invested into this car does not go to waste.

Are there any other models to McLaren?

Yes, in fact there are plenty of different models that have been introduced by McLaren. There is a wide range of series that can be sought out from their official site and looked into for further booking and details.

What is the interior of McLaren like?

The interior of McLaren is beautiful. It has been ridden with sleek and fresh looking leather which can be customized into different colors and textures as per the buyers requirements. In addition to that, the interior has been designed to offer comfort and a high-end experience.

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