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Things To Know About The Aston Martin Vulcan Drive Upside Down

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If you are fond to keep the most luxurious car among the top expensive cars in the world, then you must give a visit to Aston Martin Vulcan. One of the most advanced and smart cars that gives you a definite feeling of master of the universe. When you say among the group of gearheads, that you own an Aston Martin, you will enjoy get the cool iced face impression of people. Aston Martin is a hyper car that is limited to 24 units. It is powered by a 7.0 liter V-12 with about 820 hp just like the master of the universe. 

It is not homologated for any racing series but drive gives the real feeling of a proper racing car.ย  As the driver can feel the potential pave clearly, consider it more horsepower than a GT3 car. You can challenge it with a switch on the stopwatch; you will see the car racing pace is quicker than the GT3 car. Some of the owners already invested in this masterpiece at the time of establishing it, the investment was about $2.34 million (plus local taxes. They were all happy after it came out as Aston Martin Vulcan. At this time, there is no new car available to purchase as all has been sold, but you can get the used one if you want an Aston Martin car for trade or personal use.

Some of the unique capabilities of Vulcan are mentioned below:

The Core Vision Of Aston Martin Vulcan Was One-77 And With Racing The V-12 Engine

According to the director of special projects and motorsport, David king that they were kicking around the idea with the chief engineer on the project to create something with a new dimension in the area of performance and bring with One-77 and with racing the V-12 engine, something that is lighter in weight but more in power and efficiency. If we look at the vision of Vulcan, that was to create something faster than GTE and GT3 but finished to a harmonized standard. So it came out as an incredibly fast track car, with the very highest standard of integrity and safety.

 Hear The Best Mission Statement

The mission was to come with the fastest track car that can be able to beat the racing class and comply with FIA safety standards. So the working has been done around a One-77 and with racing the V-12 engine and look at the targets after the similar installation. It ended up with something 590 lo-fi of torque, GT3 to GT1 levels of downforce, 1,300 kilograms [2,866 pounds], and], 800-plus hp.

To know more about this masterpiece, check the Twitter link:

 Consider It More Than The Re-Bodied One-77

Indeed Vulcan borrowed carbon tub and inboard suspension from one-77 toad car, but Multimatic supplied tub is heavily reformed.  You will see the new spool damper from Multimatic and the newly established carbon ceramic racing brake affiliated with Brembo. Aston Martin weighs lighter than the one-77 as itโ€™s around 2.866 pounds that 3.593 of one 77.

Even if you highlight the engine performance of Vulcan, it is completely different from one77 that ran a 7.3-liter V-12 with variable valve timing. In the Aton Martin, there is a cam engine same as in their GT3 racing program, that capacity is from 6.0 to 7.0 liter without the restriction of balance performance in GTE, around 820 to 830 hp.

The Aston Martin Vulcan Produces More Downforce Than A GT3 Racing Car

At the initial stage, aggressive targets have been set for Astin Martin Vulcan that pressurized the design and engineering team. But the result came out exceeding satisfactory results for both of the team.  According to Dunn โ€œAt 200 mph it makes 1,360 kg [3,000 pounds] of downforce, so technically at Vmax you could drive it upside downโ€

You Do Not Need Special Training To Drive

You might be wondering that to drive this masterpiece you need some extra driving skills, but no it is designed to be easy to drive. You will be able to find an 11-stage traction control system and a seven-stage ABS program. The engine revs to 8000 rpm, it has three powers setting for the owner to ease his driving experiences that are mentioned below:

  • the first power setting will produce around 550 hp,
  • the second one is around 650 hp
  • the full 820 to 830 hp

It has been built by the Q Advanced Engineering team

Do you know that Aston Martin has been built at a new Q Advanced Engineering facility in Wellesbourne rather than its headquartering? The team of 20 guys has worked on building it.

Look at the beauty of the car in the mentioned link, such a diamond:

Consider The Aston Martin Vulcan Intended To Race

Yes, the car has indeed been built with taking care of safety and integrity but it has the capability to race also. But it does not get mugged by Audi R8 and BMW Z4.

No matter if you cannot afford to buy Aston Martin, but it is highly suggested to take a ride on it. You will love the beauty and the driving experience of the car’s carbon shelled seat, extraordinary material and design with a great finish, beautifully uniform weave, the busy steering wheel with various controls, and the perfection equipped with 8โ€ color multimedia touchscreen, a Wi-Fi hub, Bluetooth media streaming.

How much should be expected to pay to own an Aston Martin?

Aston Martin is one of the most expensive cars in the world, so the starting price when it goes on sale in the US is about $149,000 as you can zip from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds.

Can Aston Martin use it every day?

Yes, it is a masterpiece that you can enjoy in everyday life. You can explore the beautiful experience of this car by booking a test drive.

Is it cost high to own an Aston Martin?

You should expect $5,000 for depreciation, $2,000 for maintenance, $4,000 for taxes, and $1,000 or so for repairs, so the total cost of the year come to be $12,000

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