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Nissan Electric Racing Car- The Future Predictions

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The innovations have made advancements in everything. The expectations with cars have changed over the years and the future now lies in electric cars. Each brand is competing to come up with better technology that can beat the competitors and provide a sustainable environment for the people. Following the league, Nissan is one of the most successful and innovative motorsports brands that has been coming up with unmatched cutting edge innovations. The Nissan LEAF Technology introduced by the leading automotive brand has created remarkable history in the world of environmental-friendly electric cars.

The future lies in electric cars. Keeping that in considerations, the company started its journey by introducing its electric car in the 1970s as the first electric commercial vehicle with a lead-acid battery, DC motor powered EV4-P. The journey continued with successful inventions. Today, Nissan is a huge brand in the industry of electric cars. It has made its way out in one of the most profitable industries the electric racing cars. In 2011 they introduced the first racing car with the sub-brand NISMO (short name for Nissan Motors) that changed the entire game.

Nissan is one of the major car providers in races for decades. It is famous for its speed, high performance, and ultimate innovative features. There is a huge audience that has hopes affiliated with the brand, they are expecting it to do better at every point in the tech-savvy world.

The Future of Nissan Electric Car Racings

Electric car racing is getting in trend for a few years now. The formula E championship has come far to its fifth season. The races are full of high-pitched sci-fi sounds of dynamic 100% electric motors. The rules are interesting that the most loved player will get 100 kilojoules of energy booster. Nonetheless, the races are enormous and are organized at a vast level from the streets of Hong Kong to Paris. The future of these races is successful and it can put every other race in the backseat with these predictions.

No Carbon Emission means highly likeability

The world is moving towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly atmosphere. When regular races occur, the carbon emission is at its peak, leaving the environment with filthy air to breathe. However, with electric cars, the emission of carbon is zero. The racers can go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in almost 2.8 seconds. The more they increase the speed, the adventure will be multiplied times x. These races also prevent the environment from noise pollution as they do not make sounds while operating.

Crazy Fan Following and Their Contribution

Fans always want a say in the races. They go crazy for making their favorites win. Therefore, the electric car racings have something interesting for them to contribute as well. On social media, the fans can vote for their favorite racer. The one who wins will get 100 KJ of energy booster. However, there is still a twist, the voting starts six days before the race and is up until the starting six minutes of it. This means, none of the racers will know who wins and the winner will be surprisingly given the reward.

Better performance and Young Generation

The formula E with the help of social media has got the most enthusiastic and energetic set of people alongside which is the youth. They will continue to grow in numbers and when adults, they will get a higher audience. Today, 49% of the spectators are people aging from 13-24.

– Gamers can take it to another level

This industry of electric racing is not going to grow alone. It is taking along one of the biggest and high revenue making industry of gaming with it. Yes, with electric cars and easily accessible options, the gamers can actually compete with the racers. With the usage of tracking devices and real-time telemetry, they can contribute their share in the game. They can get firsthand experience of the races with the help of virtual rendering of cars, track, and city. The Nissan GT Sport Cup gives an E-racing competition for gamers to participate and compete in the FIA certified championship.

Profits for Engineers

The races are not only going to give profits to gamers. There is a lot more to the table than this only. The engineers can also take benefits and learn from the opportunity. They can work on strategies to make the experience more thrilling and adventurous. They also get the opportunity to make the cars more advanced and innovative. The demand for innovation is always going to stick around and hence, engineers will always be benefited from it. They can also collaborate with the best used cars dealers for innovations and experimentations.

Not Much Investment of Human Energy

One of the worst things that happen in the races is the driver being fatigued and tired because of the shifts of gears and change of speed. Also, they run out of breath at higher altitudes and this causes severe issues. Nonetheless, in the electric racings there no such issue because the cars work automatically in one gear, and the vehicle is already equipped with enough oxygen that the altitude does not make any difference on the driverโ€™s performance.

How much does it cost to buy a Nissan LEAF car?

The cars use the fastest technology and high tech inventions to be created and assembled. Therefore, their cost is higher than the usual cars. The cost may start from $31,600 to anywhere $43,900.

How are electric cars saving the environment?

Electric cars do not release any carbon while working. They do not make any noise. They are also oxygen equipped for the drivers to drive safely. With these features, the environment is saved.

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