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Is Honda Set To Revive A Classic In The 2020s? The Ever-Special S2000’s

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Honda S2000 was the icon of early 2000’s sports cars, but a downward spiral in the economy took it down. But, is it all set for a big come-back?

Whether you were a car lover or someone who has no vague interest in the sports car, you still might have heard or seen the Honda S2000s in the years 2000-2010. First unveiled as a concept in the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show, S2000s quickly become a favourite among investors and potential partners of Honda. Before long, the first complete model was unveiled and available for purchase by the end of 2000.

However, this 2-door roadster did not last for long. Why was that? Was it lacking performance? Not exactly, because the 124-horsepower per-litre performance suggests otherwise. Was it the cost? Despite being on par with some of the most expensive sports cars, the S2K was known for its competitive pricing. Then why did it go away, and how is it set for a comeback? Let us explain.

What Is A Honda S2000

An open-top sports car with two remakes, the S2000 was the eye candy for fast car lovers. Powered by a 2.2-litre VTEF four-cylinder engine, it produced around 240 horsepowers. Known for reaching 60 miles per hour within 6 seconds, the car crossed the 150mph barrier quite often. Aside from its exceptional power and grip on the road, the roadster was known amongst the fans for its sleek and stylish design. Another thing to understand here is that Honda produced two APs over the years, AP1 and AP2, with AP2 designed to accommodate less weight and give better acceleration.

The right one is 2004 AP2 whereas the left one is the original 2000 AP1. With slight difference on the front lip and an absent spoiler on the AP2. Picture source: Wikipedia.

Why Do People Love It?

So, why do people love it? There are many cars that offer such kind of speed, intricate features and stylish design, right? Wrong. The things that made S2000 special was its design, structure, and performance, all of which were way ahead of its time. It was truly a groundbreaking design for its time and while it may not seem that special looking back at it now, it was truly a remarkable vehicle for its era. Another reason that some of the early 2000’s people love it is because of its role in pop culture. With many video games and movies making it one of the top names or focal point.

So, Why Did They Stop Making It?

If a car is loved by the market, consumers and enthusiasts alike, then it is there to stay for a long time, isn’t it? Well, that is not always the case in a sports car. With regular vehicles like Sedan, SUVs and Hatchbacks, investors are more than thrilled to put their money on the line every year. However, sports cars are a niche product. In other words, they have a very specific market and an even smaller buyer-circle. Which means, that each year, the production of 100-units costs about as much the price of a 1000-unit SUV or Sedan manufacturing.

Coming fresh off a 2008’s global economic collapse, Honda, much like many other car manufacturers were looking to secure their feature and spend their money on feasible options. Moreover, the car itself was only supposed to mark the 50th anniversary of the Japanese carmaker. Which was one of the reasons for this beloved roadsters demise.

Why Should It Come Back?

For such an icon in its niche, the return of cars like this is nothing new. Yet, why should Honda S2000s come back? Because despite being gone for more than 10 years, the lovers of this early 2000’s charmer are still not over it. So, why should it come back?

  • Honda needs its feet in the sports niche
  • The closest thing they have is a Civic Si Coupe
  • The never-ending demand for S2000s
  • A revamp with the latest tech would be a turning point for Honda

So, it has been a while since they designed and manufactured a designated sports-car, with the closest thing being a Civic Si Coupe or if you buy used Honda Accord VTEC online. So, besides the demand for it in the market, Honda also needs something to give their competition a run for their money, and this could very well be it.

When Can You Expect It?

Since 2015, nothing but rumours have been circling around the internet of an S2000 return. However, in the latest developments, it seems that Honda is indeed planning a return of their signature and critically acclaimed sports car. With some saying that it is slated to go against its old-time rival Mazda MX-5 Miata. So, the slated time for the car seems to be around 2024, which would be very fitting, since it would also mark 25 years since its first appearance.

What Would Be The Cost This Time Around?

While the cost of this car, which was discontinued in 2009, still varies from $11,000 to $16,000, you can expect the price to be a little higher this time around. The new one cost around 32,000 back in 2008-09. So, why would the price be any higher? Considering the obvious changes in currency over-time, the car is also said to feature a more powerful engine. With one source claiming it to be above 320hp and around 350hp. So, you can expect to break the bank for around $40,000-$45,000 at the very least.

Why was Honda S2000 expensive?

One of the reasons was it being a sports car. Another reason was its low-manufacturing numbers. In other words, only 100 units or so were produced at a time. Moreover, Honda is a reputable brand and the Japanese manufacture is known for its durable vehicles.

What does a used S2000 cost?

Depending on the year of the model and its condition, the price of used S2k can vary around $10,000-$20,000.

Which is the best Honda S2k?

Many experts claim that while the earliest version had the most appeal, the 2004 AP2 outperformed all of the AP1’s leading aspects. Making 2004 model the most wanted out of the lot.

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