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Hatchback Concept Renault Megane eVision

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What is a Hatchback Car?

A hatchback car is a mixture of sedan and a wagon that opens from the rear via an upward-swinging door. These cars are very popular in the United States. These come in several body forms and can have three doors or five doors which simply depends on the number of passengers traveling. You will find them as:

  • Sedans
  • Two-doors
  • EVs
  • Hybrids

What Features Make a Hatchback Car So Preferable?

  • Hatchback Cars consists of a rear door (back door) that opens upward. It has great space volume for cargo and passenger areas respectively. There are various sports cars, SUVs, and luxury cars that consist of hatchbacks.
  • The rear doors of these vehicles are linked up to the roof, which is contrary to the sedan’s trunk lid that secures the car’s back window.
  • Many hatchback cars use the two-box design style which helps in managing the passenger area and cargo space.
  • The seats of these cars can be folded to create extra cargo space when required.
  • Many of these cars have a removable parcel shelf or roll-up rear seating compartment to preserve the cargo area.

Major Differences Between a Hatchback Car and Wagon

Source: Auto Deal

Hatchback cars and wagons are parallel to each other, however, some major points that help in differentiating between both the vehicles.

  • Hatchbacks don’t normally have the third row of seats
  • The wagon’s rear door is vertical
  • A wagon’s tailgate extends to the bumper

Major Differences Between a Hatchback Car and Sedan

Source: Car and Driver

Hatchback and Sedan cars have a two-box design: one for the passengers and cargo and the second for rear door access. However, these both hold some major differences that are:

  • The most noticeable difference between a hatchback and sedan car is the trunk. There is a general saying that sedans provide more space than hatchbacks which is not very true.
  • Sedan’s boot space comes in the form of an isolated compartment, however, hatchback cars do not have the feature of partition between the rear seats and luggage bay.
  • Hatchback models own various design qualities that are not able in sedan cars. Many hatchback cars in India mostly have a shorter wheelbase than that in a sedan car, which means that they are shorter than sedan models.
  • The biggest difference between a hatchback and sedan car is the rear window. Hatchbacks are designed in a modified way that holds the rear window in a more upright direction than the sedan models which results in better visibility. That is the reason why hatchback cars have rear window wipers while sedans don’t.

Topmost Reasons Why Your Next Car Should Be Hatchback

Hatchback cars are one of the most popular models used these days. These cars offer a bundle of benefits that you might have not even heard about. If you are thinking to buy an SUV or a bigger car, these reasons might change your mind to buy a hatchback instead.

·         Hatchbacks Offer You More Space Than You Think

Hatchbacks offer a variety of feasibility and usefulness. These models are spacious to transport three passengers and also a driver. It also has large cargo space in the boot for your heavy luggage.

·         The Boot Offers Better Cargo Access

These cars offer you a large space for putting your heavy and substantial luggage in the boot. These models have a separate compartment for putting your luggage. Many of these cars also have a removable shelf for extra preserving extra cargo area.

·         These Cars Make a Positive Fashion Statement

Back in the old days, hatchback cars were considered very low and boring to drive. However, today’s hatchbacks are fresh and offer a batch of new design tactics that are attractive and look appealing.

·         They Are Extremely Affordable

Most of us are more likely to purchase a used car, as new cars are quite expensive. Therefore, buying a hatchback can save your pocket! A study found that many purchasers wanted to buy affordable and cheap cars and they prefer buying hatchbacks because these cars are budget-friendly and stylish as well.

·         Hatchbacks Are Easier to Park

Hatchbacks are easier and simpler to park as they are small in size. Moreover, you have more chances to find a spot when you drive in a hatchback.

Source: Cool Picking

We Still Have a Soft Spot for Hatches

Hatchbacks like Renault 4 KWID or the Ford Fiesta ST have a high performance and mileage. Their side looks are extremely attractive and smooth. These cars are also available in Hybrids, EVs, and SUVs.

They Are Cheaper to Insure

The bigger the cars you buy the more expensive your insurance will cost you. However, sometimes even the smaller vehicles are more expensive than the bigger saloon cars. Buying a hatchback will relieve you from this stress and you will have to pay lower premiums and insurance repair bills.

If You Are a Tech Lover, You Will Definitely Love These Modern Hatchbacks

You can take the advantage of latest technologies and gadgets that that are installed in today’s hatchbacks. These include Bluetooth connectivity, autonomous parking, and much more.

Source: Techno FAQ

Drawbacks of Having a Hatchback

Having a hatchback can also have some disadvantages that are listed below.

  • Less horsepower so can take longer time to get to faster speeds and will be slower going up to large hills and bumpy lands
  • May not provide as smooth a ride as bigger cars
  • It may be more dangerous if involved in car accidents
  • Less space for drivers, passengers, and cargo
  • You may feel self-conscious about how you look in a small vehicle, especially when the larger cars keep passing you by

Why Buy Hatchback And Not SUV?
A hatchback is considered to be smaller than an SUV and larger than a sedan. It has the capacity to hold four to five travelers. Hatchbacks are cheaper than the SUVs and are more fuel-efficient.

Is Hatchback a Good First Car?

The hatchback is the best choice if you are looking for an affordable and comfortable car for your family. Buyers that look for cheaper cars are more likely to buy hatchbacks.

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