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Amazing Features Of Upcoming 2022 Ferrari Purosangue SUV

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The Ferrari Purosangue 2022 is what promises to be the first SUV from the Maranello firm. It will debut with a V12 engine close to 800 horsepower and later it will receive a hybrid V8. Its presentation is scheduled for early 2022.

The Ferrari Purosangue 2022 will be the brand’s first SUV. The times when Italians refused to enter this segment are now history. The house of the cavallino has yielded, although not without promising that this will not be a conventional raised vehicle, but one with a body that is higher than normal but with Gran Turismo aspirations. It may be an intermediate step to give two examples between the Porsche Panamera and the Lamborghini Urus. The Purosangue will serve as the basis for the F244 and F245, two fully electric SUVs. Let’s talk about its features in detail.

·        Ferrari Purosangue 2022: Exterior

The first details of the Ferrari Purosangue that have come to light spoke of a raised vehicle. As they assured from Maranello and as the spy images of the test model show, it is a five-door crossover with a marked shooting brake character with which the Italians will try not to completely betray their own history.

One of the main surprises that the Ferrari Purosangue can give is that it may be the first horse to use a platform derived from one of the brand’s existing models. Specifically that of the recently presented Ferrari Roma, as stated by Auto Express.

·        Ferrari Purosangue 2022: Interior

Images of the interior of the Ferrari Purosangue have not yet transcended, although it is known that it will have a 2 + 2 layout.

·        Ferrari Purosangue 2022: Mechanics

The Ferrari Purosangue will debut with a V12 engine close to 800 horsepower and later it will receive a hybrid V8, as revealed by the British Car Magazine in December 2020. It is not ruled out that the Ferrari Purosangue is equipped with an air suspension, thanks to which the vehicle can offer great behavior on the road and also certain ‘off road’ capabilities. However, the only thing they confirmed from Maranello regarding this is that the new ‘cavallino’ will have a new and innovative suspension.

The Purosangue competitors

The two fiercest competitors of this new Purosangue will be Italian a priori, with of course the Lamborghini Urus, which to this day remains the most efficient SUV on the market, but also the cousin Maserati Levante Trofeo. Thanks to its V8 4.0 biturbo 650 HP, the Urus can shoot 0 to 100 km / h in 3.6 s, while the Levante claims three tenths more (3.9 s) with its V8 3.8 biturbo 590 ch.

If the Cayenne Turbo is shown for the moment behind the Italians (550 hp and 4.1 s from 0 to 100 km / h), it seems quite likely that Porsche will soon equip it with a Turbo S E-Hybrid variant, like the Panamera sedan (680 HP).

Transaxle, integral and hybrid

Never before has a high-wheeled Ferrari been sighted and there are some spy photos showing that forklifts have already been made for road tuning of the car’s chassis and powertrain. The Purosangue, in fact, will be based on a new platform with a front longitudinal transaxle engine developed ad-hoc; it will certainly house electrified engines. The traction will be integral, but for the moment the splitting of the engine has not been officially confirmed. Several versions are not to be excluded, perhaps with a twin-turbo V8 for the more performing variants and the new V6 for access templates. Most likely the Purosangue will be offered with plug-in hybrid engines, therefore able to travel in purely thermal, hybrid or fully electric mode for a few tens of kilometers.

The Cavallino’s goal, as stated in 2018 by Enrico Galliera, Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer of the manufacturer, is to create a car capable of guaranteeing the same driving emotions as all the other models, without compromising with the Ferrari DNA and aiming to become the reference point in its performance segment. “The approach to accessibility of the passenger compartment will be revolutionary”, explains Galliera. As you can see on some of the fan photos available on the internet, the rear doors will not be particularly large, but should still allow easy access to the rear seats, on which they can find space. Since this is a totally new model, it cannot be ruled out that the Purosangue can also be offered with a 4-sitting rear seats.

The Ferrari Purosangue will be a totally innovative, fast and dynamic SUV. The platform will be entirely and exclusively dedicated to this car, allowing a tailored development of the latter. The thruster will be positioned at the front. The traction will be rear or integral. The engines installed will be a V6, a V8 and a V12.

You can watch the video given below to know more about Ferrari Purosangue SUV 2022 and its mind-boggling features.

The smallest of the three, the V6, could be expected for a brand new hybrid version. The car will be a sort of raised coupe, four-sitting with an approximate length of about 5 meters. The height from the ground can vary according to the choices of the driver, or according to the driving dynamics. The Ferrari Purosangue will in fact be equipped with adjustable suspension and an anti-roll system. This will allow the SUV to have unparalleled behavior on the road and also guarantee a certain “dexterity” in off-road routes.

What car enthusiasts are expecting?

Luxury auto sales and many other experts believe that the turbo V6 is under development and could make its debut by the beginning of 2022 on the new baby Ferrari which could be called Dino. There is talk of an engine that should develop between 500 and 550 hp.

“Ferrari is not the kind of brand people would associate with themselves because of the pricing and performance they aim to achieve”, says YSSN on twitter along with the fan photo.

Ferrari is also keen to develop its V12 engine. Since the Ferrari Purosangue will be a large SUV, this engine can be easily increased in volume, thus remaining a naturally aspirated, and with a final power that could exceed 900 HP without supporting electric units. But the first Ferrari SUV will not only be powerful. In Maranello, they are developing a car that can also be at the top in terms of luxury. Totally innovative will be the steering wheel, the infotainment system, the design and controls in the passenger compartment, the head-up display and the entertainment options for those sitting on the two rear seats.

Obviously, Ferrari will make available to customers the best materials for upholstery and seats, infinite possibilities for internal and external customization with a range of colors and painting techniques of the very first order. The price of the Ferrari Purosangue will certainly not be affordable for everyone. The starting point could be around $250,000 and then rise to over $600,000 for the more powerful and equipped versions.

What could be the price of Ferrari Purosangue 2022?

The price of the Ferrari Purosangue 2022 is still unknown, but it is rumored that it will be in the range of $300,000.

Is it going to be the first SUV from Ferrari?

Yes! Ferrari is up to launch a new model SUV car without negotiating the luxuries.

What does Purosangue mean?

The actual meaning of Purosangue is thoroughbred confirmed by the Italians.

Will Purosangue SUV 2020 be available in the market by 2022?

As declared officially by Ferrari, 2022 is the decided year to launch Purosangue SUV 2022.

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