Exporting car is our business since 1997.

Exporting car is our business since 1997.

Import Rules, Regulations, Policies & Procedures
To Import Japan Used Cars In Burundi

Check all the key points related to import rules, regulations, policies, documentation, duties and taxes, inspections, restrictions, shipping ports, etc. which you should keep in mind while i

Year Restriction

No Age Limit

Destination Port

Dar Es Salaam

Time of Shipment

RoRo (24-34 Days)

Vessel Schedule

RoRo (Monthly)

Shipping Line

Keihin, Mol, Hoegh Autoliners


No Inspection Required

Used Car Import Rules & Regulations in Burundi

Hand Drive Vehicles

Burundi uses left-hand drive vehicles, but right-hand drive vehicles are also permitted.

Age Restriction

There are no age restrictions on the import of used cars in Burundi, thus Burundians are fortunate to receive Japanese used cars without any age restriction.


The Burundians are also exempted from any sort of inspection restriction. This facilitates people to import cars without the requirement of getting any inspection certificate from authorities