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Are you in dire need of a vehicle? Preferably a good car? Then you are at the right platform. Auto For Trade is an emerging website that sells used car in Kenya. We have cars from antiques to the latest models for you. Finding a car is no more daunting and you are going to dig into thousands of options at one single website. Isn’t that exciting? You can buy used in Kenya with the best quality and features with us.

Here is How We Are the Best

We Offer Convenience

What makes us different from the rest of the traditional dealer is the ‘convenience’ factor, you can buy the best quality used cars in Kenya without having to visit the store outlet, having to meet the first owner, or doing negotiations with them at all.

You Save Time

If you buy a vehicle from the used cars sale online in Kenya, you will save plenty of time to invest somewhere else and do productive tasks then wandering around places to find a suitable car.

Accessibility to Variety

As a leading platform for used cars for sale in Kenya, we are providing thousands of different vehicle options for you to consider and choose from. We have made the process of buying used car in Kenya completely efficient with every car being better than the other.

One Step Ahead of the Market

We have a strong digital network with individual and large scale car dealers. With this, we are a step ahead of the market and we capture the cream (best of the best products) for our used cars sale in Kenya to offer our client.

We Guarantee You These Ultimate Features for Our Provided Cars

  • Perfect Engine with Smooth Driving Results
  • Smooth Front and Rear Axles
  • Excellent Condition Power Steering and Suspension
  • Efficient Fuel System
  • Safe and Secure Brakes
  • Flawless and Shiny Outer Body
  • Comfortable Seats

The Expert Team at Auto For Trade

Once in your life, you must have visited a car sale and that may have disappointed you. Why? Because the person selling it is usually not an expert professional. Or even if there is a professional, he/she disappoints you to the limit. They are not able to clarify your doubts and present a clear and true picture of the product to you. However, when you buy used cars for sale in Kenya from Auto For Trade, you will be highly satisfied with our team. The people we have onboard are the experts with first-hand industry experience and required qualifications. They will entertain all your queries and will answer your questions until you are satisfied with the car. The experts monitor and test the cars themselves before putting them on sale. We have divided the teams for different tasks to make quality the priority. Each team performs the designated operations with excellence and ease. The designated operations are:

Quality Assurance of the Car

Before a vehicle comes in, the experts check the overall condition and usability of the car. They check for errors in the internal systems of the vehicle and approve the outer look if there are no dents or scratches on the body.

Miles on Speedometer

We check how long can the car run. The team identifies whether the car is in fatigued condition or it can give optimal mileage.

The External and Internal Audit

This team makes sure to do the internal and external audits of the car one more time after it has arrived in our showroom. This step is to double-check the quality and make sure that there is no issue in the car at all.

Registration and Paper Work

The team works on legal matters and makes sure to clarify the ownership and authority of the car. We provide you the car once we conduct a complete background check of its ownership. We do not want to throw any of the customers into legal issues and hence we do after purchase paperwork too.

Customer Support

To further clarify the doubts from you, we have a talented and highly skilled bunch of people at customer care. They answer you pleasantly over call and can resolve all your queries. this department works for smooth connectivity and healthy professional relationships.

Easy Affordability to Your Desired Car

We know when you decide to get a used vehicle, you want to buy cheap used car in Kenya. Keeping this in consideration, we have the ultimate affordable purchase plans for you. You might have wandered around places to find a good car at used cars sale in Kenya Nairobi but have failed because the cars were not worth your money. However, you can trust us with your investment and buy a product from us. According to your feasibility and preference, we will assign the best car to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

A used car is the ultimate way of cost-saving and efficiency. The reason to buy a used car is not necessarily affordability. you can buy a used car to fulfill the need for movability and invest the saved money somewhere productive such as shares or property.
Yes, it definitely is. You will get a complete listing of the prices where you can compare the prices of the same car in the market. Online buying will save you time and money both.
We cover a vast range of products from all the major brands present in the market today and the ones which have become antiques. You name it, we have it.
No, our services are spread over many countries. but the top five countries we operate in are Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Kenya. However, we import cars from around the globe to sell here.

What Clients Say

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Range Rover Sport 2.7

Received my car two days ago, its perfect, everything is in excellent condition. They were very professional and friendly, the whole process was clear, smooth and even the delivery is good and on time. It arrived in Mombasa Kenya in very good condition and met my expectations completely. Very happy with their service, I will continue buying more cars from them.

Thando Stevens Kenya
Mitsubishi Colt 1.3

As a first time buyer i had some doubts at first when i was thinking about buying a car but Auto for Trade cleared the doubts i had and walked me through the buying process. This is exactly the same car i was shown and i get with everything intact. Me and my family are so happy as first time owners we didn’t expect this. Hoping to deal with them in future again.

Mr. Allan GovatiKenya
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